Cheap and cool- SPA treatments you can do at home

Cheap and cool: SPA treatments you can do at home


We all need to relax from times to times, and SPA is the first thing that comes to our minds when we think about relaxation. Nowadays, many beauty salons provide these types of services, but sometimes it is really difficult to find the time and, most importantly, the money, as these treatments appear to be very expensive. Therefore we want to show you how to make cool SPA treatments at home. We will share with you our favorite invigorating and relaxing procedures, based on the core components of salon SPA-care: scrubs and oils. The ingredients won’t cost you much! Visit! Find anything you need for skin care, DIY cosmetics, and be creative! Jiji is the best place to buy all kinds of products in all kinds of categories. You will find here new and used stuff, and you can be sure about their quality.


The main ingredients of any homemade scrub are oils (for example, olive or linseed oils), and substances with exfoliating action: salt, sugar, coffee, milled oat flakes or nuts.

Salt scrub

The salt scrub is composed of minerals and trace elements that will improve the functioning of the lymphatic system and will serve as prevention of edema. For its preparation, mix half cup of sea salt with two tablespoons of olive oil.

Sugar scrub

If the skin of your hands is very dry, and the hand cream no longer helps, try a sugar scrub. The recipe is simple: mix sugar with Grapeseed oil and gently massage your hands.

Coffee scrub

Do you want to have a velvet body skin? Add half a cup of ground coffee beans into boiling water to create a thick mixture, then add 2−3 spoons of sour cream and gently rub into the skin.

Oat flakes and nuts scrub

This peeling will give odds to salon treatments! Take oat flakes and nuts in equal parts, and mix them in a blender. If you want to combine the cleansing procedure with nourishment, leave the mixture as a mask after peeling (for 10 − 15 minutes).


You can use oils for massages or for making masks. Choose any oil you like (olive, almond, avocado, etc.).

Oil mask for feet

Forget about all the “magic” socks that actually erases several layers of the skin! Just take your blender and mix one avocado, 1 egg yolk, juice of half a lemon and 4 tablespoons of flaxseed oil. Apply the mask on your feet (better after a foot bath and exfoliation) and put on cotton socks. In 30 minutes wash off with warm water.

Oil bath for hands

Heat oil to a temperature of 39−40 C and put your hands in it for 10−15 minutes. After that just get paper towel and wipe off the excess oil.

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